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Landlord Insurance

Landlords insurance is different to normal home insurance. Normal home insurance isn`t designed for rental properties and you could end up spending money putting things right if something goes wrong.

To ensure you are fully protected when letting a property, it is recommended that you purchase landlord insurance. These policies will provide the right protection and additional cover you need as standard. 

Alba Mortgages can search a panel of providers for landlord insurance and tailor a policy to your individual requirements. 

What will it cover?

Each provider and policy is different but generally speaking the following areas can be covered on Landlords Insurance, either as standard or optional extras

• Protection against, storm, fire, flood and subsidence
• Buildings Cover
• Contents cover
• Accidental Damage
• Loss of rent as a result of an insured event
• Landlords legal liability and Legal Protection cover
• Employers’ liability for domestic employees
• Breakage of glass and lock replacement
• Home Emergency cover
• Optional rent arrears indemnity cover 
• Alternative accommodation costs following an insured event

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

It`s your responsibility to make sure that your tenants are as safe as possible when they`re at one of your rental properties. Accidents can happen and that`s where having public liability insurance comes in. 

As a landlord it protects you against claims made by tenants for damage to their property or personal injury arising from incidents connected with your rental property. 

If one of your tenants makes a claim against you, and you are found to be legally liable. Public liability insurance will cover the following costs associated with legal action:

• Loss of earnings 
• Future loss of earnings 
• Damages awarded to the claimant 
• Your legal costs in defending a claim 
• Claimants` legal costs if you are at fault 

Why do I need Legal Protection?

Landlords legal protection insurance covers you for professional fees that may arise if a tenant breaches the terms of their tenancy agreement. It will provide cover for legal expenses and fees arising out of:

• Damage by tenants to your property
• Repossession of the let property
• Eviction of squatters
• Defence of criminal prosecutions
• Nuisance and trespass
• Alleged acts or omissions by you as a landlord

Optional Rent Arrears Indemnity Cover

Tenant’s personal circumstances can change, so it’s prudent to minimise the risk to your rental income by taking rent arrears indemnity cover which provides:

• Protection to pay monthly rent on breach of a tenancy agreement
• Can cover monthly rent up to £2,500 pm
• 100% of the rent arrears due to you for up to 6 months (1 month excess applies) or until full and vacant possession is obtained, whichever soonest.
• Cover subject to there being a full tenant reference credit check being carried out on any tenant and any guarantor.

Alternative Accommodation Costs

The thought of your property being uninhabitable is not something most landlords want to think about unless they really have to, but unfortunately, it`s a possibility that has to be planned for in case disaster strikes. Anything from a flood to a fire could deem your property unworthy to live in, causing your tenant to move out and find somewhere new to live.

It may be the case that after considerable damage has been done, you`ll have to carry out extensive work on the property to bring it back up to standard again. That`s why Landlord Insurance covers reasonable alternative accommodation costs for your tenant subject to a maximum and specified period. You can also select loss of rent cover which would provide you with financial security for the amount your rent falls short whilst your property is uninhabitable due to the damage.


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